Compassionate Pet Pain Management During and After Surgery

At Heart of Texas Veterinary Specialty Center your pet’s health, safety, and comfort are very important to us. Our veterinary team collaborates with others in our field to bring you the latest advances in veterinary medicine, including pain management.

Surgical Pain Management

We take the utmost care to keep your pet calm, comfortable, and pain free during veterinary surgery. We offer a variety of pain management treatments including oral or injectable pain medications, and constant rate infusion pumps. Our advanced surgical suite and intensive care unit are designed to keep your pet pain free during surgery and through recovery.

Post-Surgical Pain Management

Following your pet’s surgery, we can prescribe pain medication that you can administer at home. Not all pain medications are safe for both dogs and cats. It is important to use only the pain medication prescribed for your pet.

Chronic Pain Management

In addition to surgical pain, chronic diseases can also cause pain such as arthritis. We strive to find the right treatment protocol to achieve the maximum pet pain relief possible. In addition to medications, we also offer acupuncture and rehabilitation options.

Pet Pain Symptoms

Please inform us if you notice any signs that you pet may be in pain such as:

Vocal cues
Meowing, growling, yelping
Changes in daily habits
Withdrawn, decreased appetite, frequent urination, hiding
Licking, biting, scratching at a particular body part
Change in activity level
Restless, reluctant to move, limps, avoids being handled
Doesn’t put weight on a limb, doesn’t want to be picked up or held

Please contact us if you suspect your pet is suffering from pain. We look forward to partnering with you to find the best pet pain relief option for you and your pet.