Veterinary Services for Pets in Austin & Round Rock

Heart of Texas Veterinary Specialty Center offers a wide range of veterinary services for dogs and cats. Our veterinary team has the expertise to respond to your pet’s emergency and advanced health care needs.

Our services include the following:

24-Hour Emergency and Critical Care
Around the clock emergency care.
Minimally invasive, drug free treatments.
Cancer Treatment
Specialized care including chemotherapy and surgery.
Digital Radiology
Digital pet X-rays and state of the art equipment including 16 slice CT scanner.
End of Life Care
Compassionate care and consideration for quality of life.
Internal diagnostic imaging.
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)
Pressurized oxygen treatment to care for a wide range of pet medical conditions.
In-House Laboratory
Fast and accurate lab test results.
Intensive Care Unit
Advanced treatment and monitoring care.
Internal Medicine
Diagnosis and treatment for pet illness.
Comprehensive neurological care from CT scans to advanced neurological surgery.
Pain Management
Tools and techniques to keep your pet pain free.
Board Certified surgical procedures.
Advanced diagnostic imaging.

Additionally, we provide advanced veterinary surgical procedures on a referral basis including:

Heart of Texas Veterinary Specialty Center is located in Round Rock, TX. We are accepting new clients, and welcome referrals from your pet’s primary veterinarian. Please contact us to schedule an appointment or to discuss your pet’s health care needs. We invite you to visit our animal hospital or take a virtual tour of our facility.