The Dog Ate My Homework: Is It a Pet Emergency?

pet emergenciesWhen it comes to back to school time with the kiddos, there is often chaos to be found. From shopping for school supplies, to packing up lunches and after school activities, there is seemingly no rest for the season of schoolwork. But, where does the family pet factor in?

Along with all of the hub-bub, your curious pet can take advantage of this busy-ness by sneaking a peek at backpacks and lunches. After a race to the kitchen for some snacks, or to another activity, backpacks, sacks, and other items are often discarded on the floor by day’s end.

To keep your fur friend away from these pet emergency dangers, let’s take a look at the risks found in your student’s satchel and how to prevent them from coming into contact with your pet.

Pet Emergency: Ingesting Foreign Bodies

With the invention of online homework,it may be less likely that your dog has munched on your student’s math test, but there are other things that can entice a pet prowler from feasting something inedible. Take a look at any backpack or purse, and you will often find a cornucopia of items that Spot can spot!


Protecting Your Pet from Springtime Pet Toxins

Although we are fortunate to enjoy mild winters here in Round Rock, spring nevertheless brings out the urge to spruce up our lawns and gardens. Many of us consider our yards an extension of our homes, and appreciate our time spent enjoying nature and great weather with our families and pets.

Because many common ornamental plants and lawn care products are pet toxins, caution must be used to ensure that your pet will stay safe as you exercise your green thumb this spring. Your team at Heart of Texas is happy to offer you our top tips for pet safe gardening and lawn care!

Pet Safe Landscaping

Your neighbor’s hyacinths and tulips look beautiful this time of year, but did you know that both plants are toxic to pets if ingested?


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What’s the Hype About Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Pets?

With all the developments in modern medicine, who would have guessed that the key to one of the most cutting-edge therapies is in the air? Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for pets is one of the latest ways that Heart of Texas Veterinary Specialty Center is bringing the best of veterinary medicine to our pet patients.

Oxygen Therapy

The medical field has recognized the benefits of oxygen for many centuries, but it has taken awhile for the uses of this ubiquitous gas to be recognized.

During a hyperbaric oxygen treatment, the patient is placed inside of a pressurized chamber containing pure oxygen. Room air is typically only around 21% oxygen. Treatment times vary greatly depending on the goal of treatment. In most cases, multiple sessions are needed to maximize effect.


I Heart You: Show Love With Proactive Pet Safety

When you share your life with animals, every day is full of love and happiness. But when Valentine’s Day rears its flowery, chocolate-scented head, an otherwise firm grip on pet safety can easily fly out the window.

This big-hearted holiday is a wonderful opportunity to show your nearest and dearest how much you care, but it also ranks toward the top for pet poisoning risks. With our tried and true tips, your pet will (safely) enjoy the extra doses of snuggles and kisses galore!

Presenting: V-Day Disasters!

Unfortunately, the same items that make Valentine’s Day special for us have the potential to place your pet in danger. In fact, the Pet Poison Helpline and emergency clinics (like our own 24-hour facility) repeatedly prepare for one of the busiest days of the year. Not surprisingly, the most common patients turn out to be curious (or hungry) family dogs. Continue…

Celebrating the Holidays with Your Pet (Without All the Stress)

I love Christmas too!While it may not be possible every year, the idea of a low-key holiday with your pet sounds pretty good. With their hustle and bustle, commitments, and (oh yes) heated family debates over politics, the holidays can be stressful for both us and our pets.

Throw in all the party hosting and traveling that occurs, and the season can be downright scary for four-legged friends. So what’s a frazzled pet parent to do? How about putting some new traditions into practice!


The Laparoscopic Spay:  High Tech Surgery for Your Pet

HOT_iStock_000022512419_LargeThe cat or dog spay is a very commonplace procedure. Not only does is eliminate unwanted litters and decrease undesirable hormone-driven behaviors, but spaying also decreases or eradicates the risk of many serious health problems like mammary (breast) cancer and pyometra (uterine infection).

Veterinarians have been spaying pets for a very long time, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for improvement. Over the years advances in things like anesthesia and pain control have made the routine spay an even better procedure. At Heart of Texas Veterinary Specialty Center we are excited to be able to continue this trend by offering our patients a laparoscopic spay.

The Traditional Spay

Despite being a relatively routine procedure, a traditional spay is not a straightforward surgery. Also called an ovariohysterectomy, a spay surgery is an abdominal procedure, which means that the surgeon creates an incision into the abdominal cavity in order to gain access to the uterus and ovaries. Continue…

Understanding and Accepting Pet Responsibilities

2015.02.04-HOT_iStock_000038997540_LargeSince February is Responsible Pet Owner’s Month, we would like to extend our gratitude to the millions of pet owners and families that lead the pack. We honor the impact that adopting a pet can have and by reviewing the most important pet responsibilities, we can all bone up on our pet care expertise.

Love and commitment are necessary components of pet ownership, and allows you to deeply care for your pet during the many years you will hopefully share. If you are wondering if you’ve missed something or you’d like a pat on the back for how many of the following you’ve taken care, see our list of the top 10 important pet responsibilities. Continue…

2015: Realistic Resolutions For You and Your Pet

Brushing dogs teethWorking toward a life change can be uncomfortable or even painful. But, when it comes to your pet, new year’s resolutions can invite hopeful revisions and powerful transformations. Because we care about every facet of your pet’s health and happiness, we have brainstormed ways you can address your pet’s needs in the coming year. We hope you not only find them helpful for your pet, but for yourself, too.

When it comes to what makes resolutions stick, experts say: start small, set attainable goals, talk about your plans with others, and ask for support. We know you can achieve your goals this year and your pet is the lucky beneficiary of your commitment! Continue…

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