Getting a Pulse on Pet Cardiology Services at Heart of Texas

Smart look of sharpei in front

Pets, like their human counterparts, can be affected by heart problems. Just as in people, cardiac disease in pets can have some very serious consequences. That is why Heart of Texas Veterinary Specialty Center takes pride in our pet cardiology services. Our high end offerings ensure that you pets receive the best care when it comes to their heart health.

Cardiac Disease in Pets

Pets don’t tend to suffer from heart attacks and strokes like people do, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t have heart disease. In fact, heart problems are very common in our pet patients. They may suffer from a congenital heart defect, a problem with the heart valves, or a disease of the heart muscle (a cardiomyopathy). Pets can also be affected by hypertension. Heartworm disease is also a very real risk for dogs and cats, especially here in Texas. Continue…

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