Think Twice Before Giving A Pet As A Gift

pet as a giftPets truly light up our lives with their cuteness, their antics, and their charm. It’s hard to imagine life without our furry best friends, and it’s understandable to want to spread that particular type of cheer during the holiday season. Besides, what could be more heartwarming than watching a loved one receive the gift of a new pet?

As it turns out, giving a pet as a gift may end up in heartbreak if the recipient isn’t prepared or doesn’t want a pet. Doing your homework in advance will help to prevent a sad situation, and may even help to create a happy new pet and pet owner.


The Wonderful Ways Pets Show Us Love

As Love Your Pet Day approaches, we think about those furry beings who matter tremendously in our lives. We certainly love them for many reasons including their companionship and devotion. And for your pet, you’re likely numero uno on their “I love you, I love you, and by the way, you rock!” list. We know they love us, but exactly how do our pets show us their love?

Five Important Ways Pets Show Us Love

As pet guardians, we may sense their unconditional love simply by how enthusiastic they are every time we come home. You probably get plenty of kisses or purrs each time you take a moment to snuggle and cuddle your furry pal.

Although the list of meaningful ways pets express their love is inexhaustible, we have narrowed down our top five faves. Continue…

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A Healthy and Happy Year: New Year’s Resolutions for Pets

First of all, allow us to take this opportunity to wish you and your family a wonderful 2017!

It’s that time again, the start of a new year and the chance to clean up bad habits and begin a new routine. Very few of us can claim that there aren’t any areas of our lives that couldn’t use a little adjustment, and the same can probably be said for our pets.

Your team at Heart of Texas is committed to the health and well-being of your furry family members, which is why we’ve come up with a list of our favorite New Year’s resolutions for pets.

Battle the Bulge with a Daily Walk

Humans aren’t the only species battling the obesity epidemic. Over half of pet dogs and cats in the United States are overweight, and the numbers are growing. Overweight pets are at risk for many of the same debilitating conditions as humans, including high blood pressure, diabetes, and joint problems.


Celebrating the Holidays with Your Pet (Without All the Stress)

I love Christmas too!While it may not be possible every year, the idea of a low-key holiday with your pet sounds pretty good. With their hustle and bustle, commitments, and (oh yes) heated family debates over politics, the holidays can be stressful for both us and our pets.

Throw in all the party hosting and traveling that occurs, and the season can be downright scary for four-legged friends. So what’s a frazzled pet parent to do? How about putting some new traditions into practice!


The Paw Prints on Your Heart: Coping with the Death of a Pet

Dog backlight silhouette in sunsetWhether you adopted your pet as a fresh-faced puppy or kitten or you welcomed an older and wiser fur friend into your family, the loss of a beloved animal is never easy. In fact, even though we know it’s an inevitable part of life, the death of a pet is often described as one of the most devastating life events that a person can experience.

Studies show that pet owners are happier overall than people without pets. There’s no question that pets deeply enrich our lives, and that we are made better by the love and affection of a furry friend. But, what do we do when our best pal passes away?

Living with the Death of a Pet

The bond you share with your pet is powerful and rewarding in a way that most human relationships aren’t. The sweet and special friendship that you shared with your pet can make navigating the waters of grief seem overwhelming and impossible. We encourage you to actively grieve for your pet in whatever way feels right to you, and to remember that it will take time to get used to life without him or her. Continue…

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One Big Happy Family: Adding A Second Pet To Your Household

HOT_iStock_000044276980_LargeIf you’re like most pet parents, there will probably come a time when you think to yourself “Having a (dog, cat, rabbit, cockatiel, chinchilla) is so great; so having two would be even better, right?”

Much like the decision to adopt your first pet, adding a second pet to your family comes with it’s own rewards and challenges, many of which are different than going from no pets to one. With a little bit of strategizing, and a lot of planning, you can help to ease the transition from a one-pet to a two-pet household.

Things To Think About Before Adding A Second Pet

The following considerations need to be addressed prior to bringing home a new pet: Continue…

Pet First-Aid: What to Know, What to Do, and What to Have On Hand

2015.04.14-HOT_iStock_000005766766_LargeNothing is quite as shattering as a pet emergency. Traffic accidents, poison, mauling, drowning and other horrible happenstance occur every day to millions of companion animals. Unfortunately, as a pet owner, there is likely to be some point when your pet is in crisis. Are you prepared if an emergency situation happens to your pet? Continue…

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Understanding and Accepting Pet Responsibilities

2015.02.04-HOT_iStock_000038997540_LargeSince February is Responsible Pet Owner’s Month, we would like to extend our gratitude to the millions of pet owners and families that lead the pack. We honor the impact that adopting a pet can have and by reviewing the most important pet responsibilities, we can all bone up on our pet care expertise.

Love and commitment are necessary components of pet ownership, and allows you to deeply care for your pet during the many years you will hopefully share. If you are wondering if you’ve missed something or you’d like a pat on the back for how many of the following you’ve taken care, see our list of the top 10 important pet responsibilities. Continue…

Celebrate National Walk Your Dog Month!

Man with dogTexas may be one of the only states lucky enough to enjoy National Walk Your Dog Month in January. With the already fantastic weather, this is an ideal month to get out with Fido and take it all in.

Dog walking is not only a great way to keep the winter blahs away (if you’re prone to getting them in the first place), but also a terrific way to spend some quality time with your pet out in the world. But did you know that walking benefits your dog, too..? And in more ways than one? Continue…

2015: Realistic Resolutions For You and Your Pet

Brushing dogs teethWorking toward a life change can be uncomfortable or even painful. But, when it comes to your pet, new year’s resolutions can invite hopeful revisions and powerful transformations. Because we care about every facet of your pet’s health and happiness, we have brainstormed ways you can address your pet’s needs in the coming year. We hope you not only find them helpful for your pet, but for yourself, too.

When it comes to what makes resolutions stick, experts say: start small, set attainable goals, talk about your plans with others, and ask for support. We know you can achieve your goals this year and your pet is the lucky beneficiary of your commitment! Continue…

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