Think Twice Before Giving A Pet As A Gift

pet as a giftPets truly light up our lives with their cuteness, their antics, and their charm. It’s hard to imagine life without our furry best friends, and it’s understandable to want to spread that particular type of cheer during the holiday season. Besides, what could be more heartwarming than watching a loved one receive the gift of a new pet?

As it turns out, giving a pet as a gift may end up in heartbreak if the recipient isn’t prepared or doesn’t want a pet. Doing your homework in advance will help to prevent a sad situation, and may even help to create a happy new pet and pet owner.


How to Win a Pet Costume Contest

pet costumeHalloween has always been fun, but it’s no longer a holiday just for kids. These days, everyone in the family seems to spend inordinate amounts of time and money finding or creating just the right costume. However, the individuals who upstage everyone else are, of course, the family pets! Sure, not all animals get into this (some would rather get out of a pet costume quickly), but when a pet costume fits well and feels comfortable, the fun multiplies.

Unleashed Creativity

You’ll likely see all manner of creativity in various pet costumes fashioned by dedicated and imaginative owners. Of course, the traditional costumes always have a place (like ghosts, mummies, spiders, etc.), but it’s not uncommon to see pets dressed as pop culture icons, trending foods, or other original ideas. Time to get crafty!


Dazzling Without the Danger: 4th of July Pet Safety

4th of July Pet SafetySummer is high season for celebrations and nothing is more celebratory than the 4th of July. From backyard barbecues to brilliant fireworks, this is the holiday many Americans look forward to for fun, food, family, and, of course, festivities.

While the team at Heart of Texas agrees with the significance and excitement of the holiday, we also want to remind owners it’s also a time for extra precaution when it comes to our fur friends. Most pets are frightened by loud noises (you may have noticed this during one of our raucous storms). In fact, noise anxiety or phobia is so common that missing pet reports tend to spike during this holiday.

However, there’s no reason to sit this season out. Take some time to learn about 4th of July pet safety and how you can enjoy it while keeping your best fur pal in mind.

A Case for Caution

There are many reasons why loud holidays or thunderstorms are a concern for us here at Heart of Texas. We’ve seen many emergency cases due to pets being struck by a car or injured as they attempt to escape from the cacophony around them.

Unlike us, pets can perceive these noises as unpleasant or downright terrifying. In fact, noise phobia can create a very scary situation for both pets and their owners when it isn’t addressed. Even if you think your pet is only mildly bothered by the noise, exercise caution since it’s best to have peace of mind.


I Heart You: Show Love With Proactive Pet Safety

When you share your life with animals, every day is full of love and happiness. But when Valentine’s Day rears its flowery, chocolate-scented head, an otherwise firm grip on pet safety can easily fly out the window.

This big-hearted holiday is a wonderful opportunity to show your nearest and dearest how much you care, but it also ranks toward the top for pet poisoning risks. With our tried and true tips, your pet will (safely) enjoy the extra doses of snuggles and kisses galore!

Presenting: V-Day Disasters!

Unfortunately, the same items that make Valentine’s Day special for us have the potential to place your pet in danger. In fact, the Pet Poison Helpline and emergency clinics (like our own 24-hour facility) repeatedly prepare for one of the busiest days of the year. Not surprisingly, the most common patients turn out to be curious (or hungry) family dogs. Continue…

Celebrating the Holidays with Your Pet (Without All the Stress)

I love Christmas too!While it may not be possible every year, the idea of a low-key holiday with your pet sounds pretty good. With their hustle and bustle, commitments, and (oh yes) heated family debates over politics, the holidays can be stressful for both us and our pets.

Throw in all the party hosting and traveling that occurs, and the season can be downright scary for four-legged friends. So what’s a frazzled pet parent to do? How about putting some new traditions into practice!


Thanksgiving Blues: Preventing Pancreatitis in Pets

Puppy Dog Sniffing a Holiday Fall Pumpkin CenterpieceWith Thanksgiving right around the corner, you are likely anticipating a big, mouthwatering meal, and hopefully a few days of leftovers afterward. Many pets look forward to the holiday season as well, as it affords them the opportunity to be given (or to sneak) some choice table scraps.

Unfortunately, those delicious morsels may wreak havoc on your pet. Pancreatitis in pets is a common problem around the holidays, and your friends at Heart of Texas want to help you learn how to spot, and prevent, this dangerous condition.

What is Pancreatitis in Pets?

The pancreas is an organ located near the stomach that is responsible for digestion and blood sugar regulation. Pancreatitis occurs when the pancreas becomes inflamed and swollen, inhibiting the secretion of important digestive enzymes and affecting the surrounding organs and tissue.

Pancreatitis in pets can be dangerous if left untreated. Bring your pet in to see us right away if he or she is experiencing any of the following symptoms of pancreatitis:


Celebrate National Walk Your Dog Month!

Man with dogTexas may be one of the only states lucky enough to enjoy National Walk Your Dog Month in January. With the already fantastic weather, this is an ideal month to get out with Fido and take it all in.

Dog walking is not only a great way to keep the winter blahs away (if you’re prone to getting them in the first place), but also a terrific way to spend some quality time with your pet out in the world. But did you know that walking benefits your dog, too..? And in more ways than one? Continue…