The Paw Prints on Your Heart: Coping with the Death of a Pet

Dog backlight silhouette in sunsetWhether you adopted your pet as a fresh-faced puppy or kitten or you welcomed an older and wiser fur friend into your family, the loss of a beloved animal is never easy. In fact, even though we know it’s an inevitable part of life, the death of a pet is often described as one of the most devastating life events that a person can experience.

Studies show that pet owners are happier overall than people without pets. There’s no question that pets deeply enrich our lives, and that we are made better by the love and affection of a furry friend. But, what do we do when our best pal passes away?

Living with the Death of a Pet

The bond you share with your pet is powerful and rewarding in a way that most human relationships aren’t. The sweet and special friendship that you shared with your pet can make navigating the waters of grief seem overwhelming and impossible. We encourage you to actively grieve for your pet in whatever way feels right to you, and to remember that it will take time to get used to life without him or her. Continue…

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