Achoo! Canine Flu and How to Protect Your Pup

veterinarian dogsSince last year’s outbreak in Chicago, canine flu has been on the minds of many pet owners. With the potential to reach epidemic proportions throughout the Midwest, the Canine Influenza Virus/CIV has spread across the United States and is considered very contagious.

Because pups are so friendly, concerned guardians may wonder if it’s safe to take a dog to the park or to other areas with high concentrations of animals. More importantly, you may be asking how this newer strain of CIV threatens your fur friend in general?

Understanding Canine Flu

The original strain of Canine Influenza Virus/CIV H3N8 was first detected in 2004 among a group of greyhounds who were exposed to infected horses. Once thought to be an equine flu, the virus mutated and was able to spread to dogs. Continue…