Volunteering at Your Local Animal Shelter: Get Involved!

2015.01.28-HOT_iStock_000015606255_LargeThe best things in life may be free, but running an animal shelter is not. For those out there working as animal advocates, there is an endless list of tasks to be done and unfortunately it’s not all snuggling puppies and fuzzing on kittens. While donations of time or money are always appreciated, the best way to help our local shelters is to talk with them directly to find out exactly what they need in volunteer efforts.

While each animal shelter’s needs may be unique, there are a few things you and your family can do to help just about anywhere… Here are a few of our favorite ideas. Continue…

Celebrate National Walk Your Dog Month!

Man with dogTexas may be one of the only states lucky enough to enjoy National Walk Your Dog Month in January. With the already fantastic weather, this is an ideal month to get out with Fido and take it all in.

Dog walking is not only a great way to keep the winter blahs away (if you’re prone to getting them in the first place), but also a terrific way to spend some quality time with your pet out in the world. But did you know that walking benefits your dog, too..? And in more ways than one? Continue…

Baby, It’s Cold Outside: Keeping Pets Active When The Temps Drop

2015.01.14.-HOT_iStock_000040645364_MediumWe consider ourselves very fortunate to enjoy the temperate weather in Texas, where winter temperatures don’t often dip below freezing. But even here, that feeling can soon dissipate after the holidays when cloudy skies and chilly days negatively influence our motivation to keep active.

Sadly, pets suffer similarly through the seasonal blahs; but, with a little prodding, they definitely don’t have to. If the weather has gotten to you and your pet, consider adopting some our tried and true tips to up the physical ante this winter. By keeping your pet’s paws moving this winter (not to mention yours), we can anticipate that, by the time spring rolls around, a positive, healthy outlook will abound. Continue…

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2015: Realistic Resolutions For You and Your Pet

Brushing dogs teethWorking toward a life change can be uncomfortable or even painful. But, when it comes to your pet, new year’s resolutions can invite hopeful revisions and powerful transformations. Because we care about every facet of your pet’s health and happiness, we have brainstormed ways you can address your pet’s needs in the coming year. We hope you not only find them helpful for your pet, but for yourself, too.

When it comes to what makes resolutions stick, experts say: start small, set attainable goals, talk about your plans with others, and ask for support. We know you can achieve your goals this year and your pet is the lucky beneficiary of your commitment! Continue…

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