Heart of Texas Veterinary Specialty Center:
Pet Eye Care

Heart of Texas Veterinary Specialty Center coordinates veterinary ophthalmology services at our convenient, state-of-the-art facility. Your pet’s eye health is important for their safety and quality of life. That’s why a board-certified veterinary ophthalmologist is available on a referral basis to diagnosis and treat your pet’s eye issues.

We partner with your pet’s primary veterinarian to coordinate treatment services and follow up, and we will discuss all of your pet’s treatment options with you. Additionally, we can provide corrective surgery including eye removal, if necessary.

We have the skill and expertise to treat many eye-related disorders including:

Clouding of the lens in your pet’s eye
Swelling and redness in your pet’s eyes, which may be accompanied by a discharge
Corneal abrasions
Scratching of your pet’s cornea causing pain and tearing
Cherry eye
Cherry-like mass on the dog's eye caused by an enlarged tear gland
Dry eye
Diminished tear production causing corneal inflammation, squinting, and discharge
Rolling in of the eyelid causing discharge and tearing
Stains on the dog’s facial fur caused by an overflow of tears
Enlargement and cloudiness of the eye caused by an increase of pressure in the eyeball

Signs of Eye Trauma

Eye injuries are often associated with head trauma, and they can occur at any age. Our 24-hour emergency services are available to assist you with your pet’s eye health.

Signs of eye trauma and common symptoms of pet eye problems include:

  • Discharge
  • Tearing
  • Red or white eyelid linings
  • Tear-stained fur
  • Closed eye
  • Cloudiness or change in eye color
  • Visible third eyelid
  • Unequal pupil sizes

We understand the importance of your pet’s eye health to their quality of life. We strive to build a partnership with you and your pet’s primary veterinarian to provide high quality veterinary care. Please contact us to schedule an eye care appointment today.